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Syncro Soft provides services in the XML and Java domains. The experience in developing both in-house and external customer projects may help you in several ways:

XML Analysis

Syncro Soft Engineers can analyse your IT infrastructure in order to plan an Oxygen solution for the content creation. If you have planned to develop XML based applications Syncro Soft Engineers will propose the best suited XML definition, both as DTD and XML Schema.

<oXygen/> Integration

  • Content repositories
  • Syncro Soft will work to create a reliable framework for interfacing Oxygen with your content repositories or databases.
  • Tuning
  • Based on your specific needs, Syncro Soft Engineers can fully customize the interface of Oxygen XML Editor. New functionality can be added through plugin toolbars and menus.
  • Intranet/Internet deployment
  • The ease of deploying Oxygen within your company's Intranet lies in its Java based structure. Syncro Soft Engineers will show you how to install it on your web server and make it available in no time to all the users through the Java Web Start™ technology.

Development of XSLT stylesheets

This is the case when you have the XML content and a sample of how the content should be rendered on your site. Syncro Soft Engineers can build the XSLT stylesheets that convert the content conforming to your specifications. The output is guaranteed to be properly viewed in any browser.

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